lunedì 14 maggio 2018


Occasionally I dealt with the correlation between Planets and voice: for example, comparing Luca Laurenti with Arisa and more recently Antonella Ruggiero with Silvia Mezzanotte, the two most representative singers of the Matia Bazar group. Some comments on this last article, in particular, have made me very curious and in fact, at least in Italy, there are not many studies linking the Natal Chart Planets  and the voice of someone. In fact, if much is found on the music and the Planets, even on the possibility of obtaining from the Natal Chart, combining the Planets and aspects to the musical notes, a real personalized melody does not seem to have been given too much importance instead to the more or less harmonious, more or less musical of its own tone of voice. This is at least as far as the Italian Astrology is concerned, because crossing national boundaries, as always, Astrology ranges over the most varied topics, including the tone of the voice, even if, in this case, there are many uncertainties and very few verifications.

Text by Laura Poggiani – All rights reserved


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