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AN ENIGMATIC ANNIVERSARY - If an astrologer read the news ...

A few weeks ago, was commemorated the tragic death of Princess Diana , still very much present in the hearts of the British and beyond. At the same time came the news that aroused quite a stir , the possible involvement of British intelligence in his death , a hypothesis that was vented from the early hours but always rejected by the Royal Family . Many witnesses have told, on the other hand , without a shadow of doubt, as at the time of the accident, a laser light coming from a motorcycle, the driver that was the cause glare , so, he lost control of the car  and crashed in the Alma tunnel. Witnesses tell of how, soon after, a motorcyclist had approached the car peering inside and then cross his arms on his  chest , in a typical military gesture of " mission accomplished." Always these revelations would claim that the will was not to kill , but rather to give a simple warning to Lady D.

Then I propose again an article written at the time, published in the January 1998 " Ricerca'90" issue about the history of this character whose charm does not lose shine despite the time goes by the point of view of the then teenager and now father William .

Let's call it " professional deformation " , but it becomes difficult for me at least , resist the temptation to hear any news or curious dramatic fail to try to guess what the astral configuration has determined and, therefore , to establish the theme of the event or the person in question to check the veracity of these assumptions .

So, for example , we assume that our best friend we trust to be pregnant but , for a variety of problems, be totally unhappy , so groped suicide at least three times before the gestation terms . It makes you wonder how the baby will have experienced this terrible state of mind, shared with his mother for 9 months, and as a result, that birth chart  will because, as modern psychology teaches , the fetus is extremely receptive and many future psychological problems depend on just those fateful 9 months.

Now , this is precisely the situation that existed in the first person by the Heir to theTthrone of England, Prince William , the eldest son of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer who recently passed away . Just reading the biographies of the latter, who copiously filled magazines around the globe, striking for the dramatic events that, in fact , have accompanied the pregnancy of the firstborn, so similar in appearance to the mother so popular . We read , in fact , that pregnancy begins in the midst of the crisis of Lady Di, as she had to deal with a severe bulimia. At the fourth month , in February 1982, after yet another quarrel, exasperated , she fell from the stairs on a mound of earth which save her life and pregnancy. Subsequently attempt to slash her wrists and even come to hurt her body . A despair so deep must  have left its mark on the child she was carrying .

Let's consider the analysis of the chart of Prince William and once again , if ever it were needed, Astrology gives us a picture of the situation . On the day of birth , first day of summer 1982 was also , as well as New Moon - constellation formerly known as " delicate" by the ancients - partial eclipse of the Sun (which occurred at 12.07) . Traditional astrology has always considered extremely deadly the chart of people born with this combination as a very negative affect on the psyche of the person who receives it and , in this case , is further exacerbated by the opposition to the Planet that , along with the Moon, is closely related to their with the psyche and the problems that follow from it : Neptune. This opposition is particularly delicate as it is placed in evidence : Neptune is practically “sitting” on the Ascendant , giving a "Neptunian" temperament and , therefore , full of unusual but in this case it is difficult to control rationally , and by virtue of the opposition the two Luminaries , both because it involves an area as special as the twelfth , not surprisingly considered " punishment" . Please, note the peculiar connotation of the Fifth House, connected with the birth , where both Venus and Mercury are placed in opposition  to Uranus . Now , Venus is the ruler of the V in V , Mercury is ruler of VI ( pathological ) and the Luminaries while Uranus is linked to violent trauma : we may have a clearer symbolism of traumatic events that involved the mother and, consequently, the baby still in her womb ? Even Neptune , symbolizing the fetus and the amniotic fluid for the delicate position that we have just described ,  reinforce this symbolism . Note also that the axis V - XI is defined " balance " and the presence of opposition in this area , especially if, as in this case , involving Uranus and Mercury , are definite signs of mental instability  difficult to control.


We are still dealing with a very complex chart , and consequently stimulating, because the portrait that emerges is not that of a purely neurotic , indeed. The two Luminaries are twice the Pluto and Jupiter to indicate how William is undoubtedly equipped with charisma ( trine to Pluto) and philanthropic aspirations inherited from the mother ( trine to Jupiter , Ascendant Sagittarius, a strong House IX , Neptune and Jupiter dominant ) that promise perpetuate the reputation and goodwill from the public . In addition, the trine of Mercury to Saturn ensures that brilliant logic and intelligence , combined with the safe Neptunian intuition , they can really form an explosive mixture with regard to the ability to handle difficult situations and delicate. In addition, the stellium in IX, and to ensure a more secure popularity abroad , the United States in particular, that in his homeland , he will do an excellent strategist in foreign policy, in addition to promoting studies and philosophical interests .

On the day of his mother's death occurred the following significant aspects :
* Sun, Moon and Mercury that passed in House VIII (!) While dispositors of X - the mother - Mars and Pluto respectively were right in the first X and XI ( by Cyrus Disciple associated with death several times ) the second . Uranus transiting in I ( !) Together with Nettunio while Saturn , the " evil " of the tradition, was walking through IX and Venus III (axis of accidents , ed.) Jupiter II explains well the huge heritage of which William , like his brother , he is seen to invest and that newspapers have not hesitated to dissect down to the smallest detail;
* The Sun Mercury radix amiss while in the sky formed the conjunction of the two planets ;
* Mercury amiss its position radix ;
* Venus transit was connected to Saturn while in the sky formed the opposition;
* Transiting Saturn was opposed to itself ( growth ) and radical Pluto which, remember , is dispositor of X - while at birth the two planets were conjunct .
* Uranus transit was in trine to Mercury radix birth while the two planets were in opposition. Uranus was also in trine to Mars radix , the other ruler of the X , while at birth the two planets were in the square . Again, let me emphasize that the transits of Uranus should be taken " with a pinch" , although seemingly positive .
* Radix Jupiter Neptune amiss , so stuck to the MC was conjunct Uranus and Pluto radix, while in the sky formed the sextile between the two planets .

For what concerns the Solar Return , probably spent in London, I would say that is absolutely emblematic : the SR Ascendant falls right in ... VIII , thus strengthening the signals " of VIII " already indicated just above the Transits while there is a stellium made up of Mercury , Venus, and especially the Sun , just in X! If anyone still had something to object , we add that opposes your Sun said to the Moon (still connected to the mother symbology , such as X ), located in IV , the family indeed! We also find the square Venus-Saturn , Venus and Mercury -Neptune , Lord of the Ascendant of RS , which own the Ascendant amiss in question. Also by comparing the positions of revolution to those radix , the Moon of RS , indicative of the mother, is opposite to itself and to the square of Mars - ruler of the X - placed right in IX - Foreign - radix horoscope , Mars also RS is in sextile to Uranus radix while , at the same time , Uranus RS is in trine to Mars radix (and still applies as for the apparent positive aspects about Transits of Uranus ) !
One last note : it seems a bit  pernicious that Mars SR placed right in the house and SR , if it is not sufficiently " exorcised " , is likely to seek additional contributions to this already teenager future king .

Finally, the SR posthumous Lady D. shows an AS to RS in House 8 , a powerful stellium in House XI vigorously to revive the theme of his death, again at the center of media attention.

By Laura Poggiani - All right reserved

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