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The quatrains of Nostadamus, often criticized by skeptics, are actually deeper than you think. Here again the quatrain which describes the exceptional events of the last few days and so now we will analyze in more detail the meaning:

Tout aupres d’Aux, de Lectore & Mirande
Grand feu du ciel en troys nuicts tumbera:
Cause auiendra bien stupende & mirande:
Bien peu apres la terre tremblera.
Very close to Aux, and Mirande Lectore
Great fire from heaven shall come in three nights:
Event will happen really gorgeous and wonderful:
Shortly after the earth quake.

The stars from the sky has already been extensively discussed but just a few hours ago, as described by the seer from Salon has also added the earthquake: 4.8 magnitude with its epicenter Sora near Frosinone.
At this point, however, it becomes essential to understand the meaning of the first part of the same quatrain: what he refers to mentioning "Aux, Lectore & Mirande"?

The answer is really amazing.
We start from Mirande or Miranda is nothing more than the name of a moon of Uranus, designated as Uranus V, it was discovered on 16 February 1948 by Gerard Kuiper.    

Kuiper "came to the U.S. in 1933 where he started and developed it a fruitful career in astronomy of the solar system being considered in fact the father of modern planetary science.
Among other theoretical work is worth mentioning the development of several aspects of the theory of the formation of the solar system such as the formation of planetesimals and the role played by collisions in the early history of the solar system, supporting the idea that he came from terrestrial impact craters with external bodies to the Earth.
Kuiper is, however, known to the intuition of the existence of a belt of cometary material beyond the orbit of Neptune, from the formation of the solar system, which was confirmed in 1991 and then known just as the Kuiper Belt.
In 1959 he was awarded the Henry Norris Russell Lectureship (a special award given annually by the American Astronomical Society for a lifetime of scientific research in astronomy
Kuiper dedicated much of his work to the study of the peripheral part of the solar system, it goes without saying, therefore, that it is dedicated to the research of the tenth planet. To find it sounding space up to 270 astronomical units and examined 90 million stars, but found nothing. "

"In 1982, precisely on June 28 Newsweek magazine took care of Planet X in an article titled" Does the Sun Have a Dark Companion? " (Il Sole ha un Compagno Oscuro?)
The article reported that the Tenth Planet really could  orbit (as in a binary system) around two suns (one is our Sun), but we would not be able to see the other star because it would be a "dark star". The article reported that: "A dark companion could produce the invisible force that seems to drag Uranus and Neptune, by accelerating up to a certain point in their orbits and holding them as they pass ... your best bet is a dark star that orbits at least 50 billion miles beyond Pluto ... It is most likely a brown dwarf  (2), or a neutron star. "

Now it’s only  missing the meaning of "Aux" and as all the quatrain refers to astronomical meanings, this word must be in this field.
The first reference to this we find it in the name of a place in Indian Ocean:
"Anse aux Pins has a time difference Area GMT / UTC +04:00 hours which is measured by atomic clocks.
L 'Anse hours aux Pins, is calculated based on the time zones of Seychelles,
the geographical coordinates of Anse aux Pins:

Anse aux Pins § Latitude: 55 º 19 '
Anse aux Pins of § Longitude: 4 ° 25 '
There are no changes forecasted for Anse aux Pins in 2013. "
Asteroid 2012 DA14 passed the minimum distance from the Earth, only 27,700 km, at 20.40 Italian time on 15 February above Indian Ocean before leaving Earth orbit.

But above all, "Aux" breaking it down becomes "Au X" or "To the tenth" with even an explicit reference to planet X that Sumerians called Nibiru.

In summary: Nostradamus speaks of an asteroid from the Kuiper belt (Lectore & Miranda) announced that a meteor shower February 15 flies over the Indian Ocean (Aux) at the minimum distance from the earth before continuing its trajectory and the it will be followed by an earthquake.

We can still say that Nostradamus is not precise in its Centuries?

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