domenica 24 febbraio 2013


This phase, particularly important for Italy because it happens during the Political Elections, thus characterizing the trend, shows particularly sensitive aspects, in fact, involves, in a “relais” conjunction to Venus (still in Aquarius), Neptune, Sun and Chiron in Pisces with a “T” square to Jupiter.
As first, since they also are the last days of Benedict XVI pontificate, it seems that the Pope has played in advance on the astrological symbolism of this phase, which, however, retains the possibility of big problems within the Catholic Church, with possible dichotomies between purely spiritual values ​​and other more prosaic and of power. The Catholic Church, by considering not only as a major center of power, namely the Vatican, but in its widest sense of religion, will undergo changes not at all painless and may still be a target of attack in any form, also quite violent.
Difficulties also in terms of the Economy and the performance of financial markets, with possible collapses due to excessive speculative confidence not based on an actual strength of the real economy.
In terms of events are possible natural phenomenas such as earthquakes of a certain size and still a continuation of riots and violent events that affect young people and the way we communicate too aggressively which could lead to incitement or misunderstandings message aimed at exacerbating positions already a bit too radical. Possible accidents or problems of a certain size in transport, especially shipping.
Geographical areas at risk: Russia, Horn of Africa, Australia and Canada.
As to Italy, regardless of which coalition will win the polls, the first problems to be addressed are taxation and young people in relation to the election pledges. However, they can also be some few crystalline attitudes in the delicate phase of votes counting with subsequent disputes.
In terms of atmospheric forecasts,  initially the temperatures colder than the seasonal average continue but then weather will change to a drier climate, windy but very unstable.

By Laura Poggiani - All rights reserved

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